We're living in strange and often difficult times, and you may decide to wear a face mask. Some of us will have to, when going to work or to a supermarket, or travelling by public transport. So - why not take a look at our range?

They are washable, and you can choose your fabric or design. They can be plain, pretty or fun - your choice. I can post them out across the UK, and I'm super-speedy!

These are not surgical or medical masks, but they can be useful for helping to control the spread of infection

Handmade, Washable Face Masks

Here you'll find our fabric face masks in cotton/polycotton, lined and washable. They are made to order, and posted to your home. They are all made in South Wales, UK,  and are priced from just £4.99 + p&p. Included with every mask is a an adjustable self-adhesive nose clip; an optional sewn-in filter layer, or an additional fabric layer, can be included for a small additional cost if required.

I donate face masks, free of charge, to any local (i.e.Bridgend) key worker who requests one. 

Choose your Design

To browse my designs, please see my 'Designs & Patterns' page. I hope you find something to suit your personality, your interests - or your pets! 

If you have a question or a query, please get in touch with me directly, either by email or by phone.


Mobile:  07985 650746

Order & Pay

If you would like to order a face mask, or if you just have a query, you can complete  the form in the 'Order your Mask' page. You can pay using the PayPal buttons, or you can contact me directly and we can arrange the easiest way for you to pay.

You can:

There are discounts available if you order 4 or more face masks.

Please contact me before you pay!


PLEASE NOTE - These are not surgical or medical masks, and have not been approved by any official organisation. I make no medical or health claims. They are NOT suitable for those who are:

* sick and showing symptoms

* caring for people suspected to have coronavirus

However they could be useful for preventing the passing-on of droplets by the wearer, and might help control the spread of infection.

‘This might be particularly useful in busy, closed spaces, such as grocery stores, shopping centres, or when using public transport.’

(The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control)


The UK government is now advising people to wear face masks in England in certain environments. This is not the case in Wales as yet.


Please keep in mind that wearing a cloth face mask isn’t a substitute for social distancing and other preventative measures. You’ll still need to try to stay at least 2 metres away from others, wash your hands often, and clean high-touch surfaces frequently.

Also, try to avoid touching your mask while you’re wearing it. If you must touch or adjust your mask while you have it on, be sure to wash your hands immediately afterward.

To remove your mask:

  • Make sure you have clean hands.

  • Remove the mask using the loops or ties. Don’t touch the front

  • Avoid touching your mouth, nose, or eyes during removal.

  • Thoroughly wash your hands after you’ve taken your mask off.

 Contact me:

email: davies.alana@gmail.com         mobile: 07985 650746 

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