Publishing and Editing

So you've written your novel, your book of poems, or your collection of short stories, and you want to see it in print. With a glossy cover and all the blurb about you. Of course you do.


Getting a book published through a reputable publisher can be something of a minefield. It's what most new or would-be writers want, but few, if any, publishers will accept your manuscript directly, and most will advise you to go through an agent. And that's often the right thing to do, although it too can take time.


But what if you simply want to have your work printed for yourself? Your family? Friends? Colleagues? A charity? What if you don't want to make the changes that an agent, or a publisher, may insist on? 

I can help

I decided to self-publish the book my husband had written. It was something he had worked on some years previously and it seemed a shame that there was no permanent record of all his work, apart from some yellowing sheets of paper.
















Once that was done, I published the novel I had spent a year writing - using a pseudonym, as I wasn't sure how friends and family would react! 

Since then I have published several more books, designing the covers myself, and now I feel I can help other people to publish their works too. Anyone can do it themselves, of course. But if you don't have the time, or the patience, or if you want someone else to proof-read and edit your work, then I can help.

I can format it for you, use the cover picture or design of your choice, or find one for you; I will send you proof copies until you are satisfied with it. Then I will publish it under the name Awduresau Cymru Publishing where your book will be made available for sale on the Amazon website at a price of your choice. You will receive royalties through me. If you wish your work to be offered as an eBook through Kindle, I can do that too, for a small extra charge.

Alternatively, I can publish your manuscript as you present it to me, with no editing, providing there are no issues around libel or unacceptable profanity!


One small stipulation – I am wary about publishing memoirs or autobiographies, as there are too many opportunities for inadvertent libel, but I will look at each MS submitted.

[For the services I offer please see the page  'Services & Fees']

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