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Say hello ...

I'm an author, a writer and an editor. But I'm a lot more too - I'm a mother, a grandmother, a sister and an auntie. I've been a daughter and a granddaughter, a full-time mother and a working wife. I was a student and a teacher, a boss and an employee. 

I tell you this to show that, like you, I have lived a life, and we may have a few things in common. So whether you're a fellow writer or a would-be one, an avid  reader or a yet-to-be-convinced one, we probably have experiences we share.

Nice to meet you!

Check out my latest novel

The Mothers of Tobergell

This is a family saga involving the dramas, romances and tragedies that are part of life. It tells the stories of a succession of mothers in their wide and extended family, their relationships, and their changing roles in society. Many of their stories centre around national or world events, and how these impact on the mothers themselves. It does not shy away from some grim realities of life during this period, but shows the strength of these women in overcoming their struggles.

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I will be listing the rest of my books here very soon. Meanwhile, you can find most of them on The Swansea Bookshop page.

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Below are some comments and reviews of my novel 'The Making of Annie May'

Jane Elliott

Just thought I’d let you know that I finally read your book last week. I loved it and it only took me five days to read which is amazing for me. Can’t wait for the sequel!

Betti Ede

I just wanted to say, I have started your book in earnest at last! It is such a lovely book, and I’m enjoying it so very much - the surprises, the sadness, the delights, and even the way it's printed on the page. I’m on page 200, so much more to go. It’s one of those books where I can't wait for bedtime to pick it up again!

Ann Marie Thomas 

So many twists I didn't see coming!

I wasn't too sure where this story was going, but soon got completely hooked. Well characterised, great setting, real people in real places. Loved it. Highly recommended.

Richard E Rock

It all starts when Anya May Gethin lands herself a job as a temporary, fill-in teacher in a local college. It’s a big step and she feels unprepared and not a little terrified, but with her husband out of work and three daughters to support, it’s a leap she has to take. 

This is the south Wales Valleys of the early 1980s. Margaret Thatcher is in No.10 and a miners’ strike is looming. In other words, life is pretty tough. However, our Anya (or Annie-May to her nearest and dearest) is strong, resilient and resourceful, and she has unwittingly just taken the first step on a journey that will eventually lead her all the way to Parliament. But to get there, she has to negotiate the rapids of forbidden love, institutional sexism and family secrets long buried deep.

Spanning several generations, The Making of Annie-May is a book about families, politics, ambition, secrets and lies, all driven by anger, desperation, the desire for a better world, and – of course – love. It is fantastically written with a vivid sense of character, time and place. Alana Beth Davies doesn’t just weave a handful of characters in these pages, she spins an entire village with its own social and economic eco system. And at the centre of this ever-spinning vortex of unemployment, babies, schooling, bills, divorce, marriage and frustration is Anya, who, with the endless support of her equally resilient mum Sarah, slowly comes to realise the importance of politics and how it affects every single aspect of her life.

This is as much a manifesto as it a novel, driven by fire and belief, and is utterly compelling from start to end. I couldn’t put it down.

A bit about me ...

My qualifications

  • Master of Arts with Distinction (Creative Writing)

  • Batchelor of Arts (Teaching of Mathematics; Adult Education)

  • Certificate of Education (Infant & Junior): Main Maths & Biology

  • 3 'A' levels, 9 'O' levels

  • Various Leadership & Training quals

My Writing CV

I have:

  • written several books (see my 'books' page)

  • edited and published a number of books for others

Competitions & Publications

  • A short story published in The  People's Friend, titled: 'The Summer of '59'

  • 'Highly Commended' in the King Lear Prize 2020 for 'The Dance' , July 2020

  • Long-listed by Flash 500 competition for 'Time & Again' (short story) April 2022

  • Short listed by Flash 500 competition for 'Perceptions' (flash fiction) May 2022

  • Winner of the Anthony Dyson prize for English (University of Wales Trinity St David) June 2023

  • Article on 'Writing Tips' published on Writers' College blog July 2023

  • Finalist in the Women on Writing Creative Nonfiction Essay Contest September 2023

  • Contributor to The Local Voices Project 2023- An Anthology 

  • Winner of the 2023 Interfaith Creative Competition Nov 2023

  • Winner of some internal writing competitions with the Swansea & District Writers' Circle. 2021 - 2023

  • Winner of the SDWC Edith Courtney Cup 2023

Previous & Current Careers

  • Lecturer, Senior Lecturer & Manager in Further Education (30+ years)

  • Politician: County Councillor (Cabinet member);  Town Councillor, Town Mayor

  • B&B owner & proprietor

  • Owner of Dollshouse shops and Baby & Nursery shop

  • Community Council Clerk

  • Dressmaker

  • Crafter

  • Writer

  • Editor & Publisher

  • Maths Tutor

For info about me outside the world of writing - you may want to read the various volumes of  'My Lovely Arms'!

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