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Horror, Fantasy & Sci Fi

Frenzy Island by Richard E Rock

"The boat hit shore at 09:27 EAT. We can be exact on this because it was picked up by the perimeter cameras. It was an old open lifeboat, navy blue, and we counted seven people on board. Eight if you want to include the baby. Most of them didn't survive more than ten minutes." Two sisters and a baby, shipwrecked refugees, wash up on a mysterious east African Island crawling with giant, blue-skinned savages. They flee to an abandoned scientific facility where incredible and terrifying experiments have been taking place, experiments that could change the course of human history. Meanwhile, the only person who can save them is a lowly monitoring station employee half a world away in Arizona - but the clock is ticking, and the universe is about to come calling.

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Intruders: Flight of the Kestrel Book 1

(A science fiction adventure)

by A.M. Thomas

Tabitha Enns is given work experience on board the Kestrel, on the adventure of her life, that will push her to the limit. Tabitha gets to meet her first aliens, but it doesn't go smoothly, and being out in space isn't what she expected. When a hostile alien species are discovered, the Kestrel is sent to make contact, leading the crew – and Tabitha – into danger, and the crew have problems with their friends as well as their enemies. Why did a dying man say, 'butterfly'? Who exactly is the mysterious injured woman, and what is her connection to the hostile aliens threatening not only the Kestrel's crew but the entire galaxy?

Alien Secrets: Flight of the Kestrel Book 2

(A science fiction adventure)

by A.M. Thomas

On a failed mission to look for a secret weapon, Shom Reuel of the Kestrel saves a man – twice. It seems everyone wants him, but is he a friend or a deadly enemy? And will the shock of his identity cause Reuel to reveal his people’s greatest secret?

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Crisis of Conscience: Flight of the Kestrel book 3

(A science fiction adventure)

by A.M. Thomas

Can Captain Joseph Darrow of the spaceship Kestrel commit theft and murder to save the lives of his crew? Is Second Officer Daniel Hoy right, that the ends justify the means? Are there some lines you must not cross?

Can they persuade the Zoan lizard woman Raven to tell them her father’s secret?

Newly qualified Ensign Tabitha Enns steps straight into peril. Can she prove her worth?

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Dark or Bitter


TG Hyde

In this collection of short stories, Glenn Hyde has put together six unconnected and seemingly disconnected stories. Be prepared for the unexpected, the surprising and the bewildering. From dark and gloomy to humorous and quirky, one thing links them – his unwavering awareness of the human condition in its many and varied forms. No judging, no moralising. Just observing, accepting. and sometimes imagining

Kinky Playwright

by TG Hyde

An ordinary man struggling to become a writer begins to experience migraines. But these migraines are of a rare and unusual kind. Severe and uncompromising in nature, they reveal to him off-beat, yet compelling tales during states of

altered consciousness. The stories and scenarios are far too fantastic and infectious for his own imagination to conjure up alone. Initially thought as a metaphysical gift, or a helping hand', the migraines take the man on a journey towards success and acclaim. Only this journey is not as straight forward as it seemed, and our unnamed narrator quickly encounters peculiar situations and unexpected consequences that threaten to turn his whole life upside down.

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Below the Surface


T G Hyde

This is Glenn Hyde's second collection of short stories. In this latest set of tales, we encounter themes of the uncanny, the unjust and the unexpected. Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, but always engaging. He continues his themes of dark and humorous, sometimes with a discernible element of morality. From a rancid politician to a farcical party, through the mind and imagination of the writer, the reader will be taken on an unsettling ride.

Body of Evidence - a Novella

by Mike Everley

The Republic had been formed hundreds of years before this story takes place, after environmental disasters, climate change and nuclear incidents had almost brought about planetary destruction and rendered large parts of Earth uninhabitable. Nations no longer existed and a one party system to rule all of Earth was established. This removed many of the hot spots likely to result in serious conflict, although factions still existed within the one party and often squabbled over policies and issues. But, the lessons of the past had been learned and no one wanted a repeat ...

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