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Poetry Collections

Here's just a taste of what you might find in our poetry collections.

From dark and deep, through light and frothy, to ... Snails!

If William Blake had contemplated a snail instead of a tiger…….


Snaily Snaily


Wondrous snail with shell so bright,

Munching cabbage in the night;

The golden ratio plain to see

In your spiral’s symmetry.


Beneath the moon you glide around,

Body soft against the ground;

The starlight follows you I think

With signature of silver ink.


The gentle sun at dawn unveils

A colourful array of snails;

Glistening upon each leaf

Like jewels beckoning a thief.


The rows of beet and celery

Become a mollusc’s gallery;

With gusto chomping - never coyly,

You sculpt each leaf into a doily.


I know that some would stop you there,

But soil brings forth enough to share;

This space is yours much more than mine,

Your lineages pre-date time.


Thus from that soil we each in turn

Have risen up and shall return;

And if there really is a God,

I’ll praise him for the gastropod.


By Paula Montez

snail 1.jpg
snail 2.jpg
snail 4.jpg


by Mike Everley

This small booklet brings together poetry written in 2024. None of the poems in this collection have been published in Mike's other works.
The title Fragments reflects the increasingly disjointed aspects of modern life where a person can have thousands of followers on social media and yet live a solitary life barely venturing outside of their bedroom.
Hopefully you will find something in these poems, some very short fragments, to think about and enjoy.


Views of the World: Rhyming for a reason

by Paula Montez

This is a collection of 32 poems on the themes of news events and general observations about life.
The poems in this book are straightforward, thought-provoking and entertaining..

(please note that the paperback version does not contain illustrations)

Paula's poems.jpg



Simone Mansell Broome

This is a full collection of poems, mostly about contemporary life, experienced richly, intensely, unsentimentally and with humour. The writing is humane and accessible, wearing its intelligence lightly. There is something for everyone in 'Bracing', even for those who were put off poetry at school. This is a mature, well-rounded piece of work. The subject matter ranges across modern life and beyond - childhood, parenthood, love, lust, loss, shopping, animals (and our connection to them), climate change, the complexities of the human heart and of relationships, spirituality, food, suffragettes, the status of women, homesickness, grief, illness, ageing, dementia, fear, the joy in small things. All the poems are underpinned by a keen eye, a sharp wit and a total absence of self-pity. 

Words on Troubled Waters


Simone Mansell Broome and other

An eco anthology of poetry and prose about Afon Teifi by 10 writers,

Words on Troubled Waters.jpg
A Cwtch in Kyrenia.jpg

A Cwtch in Kyrenia


Simone Mansell Broome


A slim volume of poems

The Statues of Ghosts: Selected Poems 


Peter Black

A selection of poems mostly written in the 1980s and 1990s, a time of great political upheaval across the world, and this is reflected in their subject matter, contemplating the hopes, the disappointments and the cruelty of that period. alongside other verses ruminating on the beauty and history of the author's south Wales home.

statues of ghosts.jpg
Circle of Sonnets.jpg

A Circle of Sonnets


The Swansea & District Writers' Circle

Whatever your taste in poetry, from Pam Ayres to Milton, Villanelles to Limericks, we hope you’ll find something here that will inform you, surprise you, challenge you, or simply entertain you
The poetry forms included in this little book do not comprise an exhaustive list, but it’s a start. Following some information about each poetic form, you will find examples written by members of the SDWC Poetry Group. Some of these poems are difficult to categorise, but we have done our best – and if nothing else, may stimulate lively debate!

Just A Little Drop


Alana Beth Davies

A little drop of memory, of love, of loss, of laughter. Recollections and reflections on a life well-lived, alongside excitement and hope for a future to come. But among these words, you might find a ping, a jolt, even a thunderbolt of recognition, a lurch of sadness or a shake of mirth.
Here you’ll find some recollections and reflections written in verse. Some rhyme, some don’t; some have a rhythm, some don’t. Some are funny, and some are sad; all are thoughtful in their way. A smorgasbord of goodies for you to choose from!

little drop cover with text.jpeg

A Moment In Time: Collective Works: 1972-2022 


Mike Everley

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories covering a 50 year period between 1972 and 2022. Some pieces are light and some dark, like life itself. All explore the human condition.

a moment in time.jpg
poetry performance.jpg

Poetry Performance Pieces


Mike Everley

This small booklet contains thirty poems that have been honed at Poetry and Spoken Word Open Mics held in various locations in South Wales. It tries to reflects the fact that there is a major difference between poetry written for the page and for being read out. Poetry originated in the oral tradition and only came to be written down at a much later date. Some of the poems are light and humourous, while others are darker in tone and subject matter. Therefore, there should be something to suit every mood and event.

Reflections: Selected Poetry and Prose 2023


Mike Everley

Reflections contains poetry and prose written in 2023. This includes poems, prose poetry, flash fiction, short stories, creative memoirs and even stand-up routines. It is a companion piece to A Moment in Time which is a collected works 1972-2022, and Eighteen Haikus. Both of these are also available on Amazon. 'Reflections' contains lighter and darker pieces to reflect mood and the times we live in.

18 Haikus.jpeg

Eighteen Haikus: With AI Art


Mike Everley


This short book contains eighteen haiku written in the traditional 5, 7, 5 syllabic count per line style. Each haiku is accompanied by a piece of artificial intelligence (AI) generated art based upon the words in the haiku.

My Stroke of Inspiration

by Ann Marie Thomas

A collection of poems written while recovering from a stroke, but not depressing. The poems talk about suffering and patience, therapy and faith. If you are a stroke survivor or know someone who is, these poems will comfort, encourage and inspire you.

stroke of inspiration.jpg
W & W by RWP.jpg

The Weird and Wonderful World of RW Prosser

by RW Prosser

Sometimes funny, sometimes dark, RW Prosser’s writings can always be relied on to be thought-provoking. His stories and poems vary from the absurd to the melancholy, from nonsense to romance. Not necessarily a children’s book this. Parents - you decide!

(Price from The Swansea Bookshop is reduced temporarily, as some stock is marked as £2.99 only. £4.99 on Amazon)

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