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Short Story Collections

Some Sort of Twilight by Carolyn Lewis

These twelve stories are of people unsure of their place in the world – Cassie who discovers she can fly and has no-one to tell, Christine who's been in her friend's shadow for a long time, Bernard who loses his job through no fault of his own and Hannah who knows her father is waiting for her to sort his life out. The stories combine pathos, humour and wisdom to explore how the ordinary can be strange, heart-breaking or comic, illuminating the inner lives of people who feel in some way they’re on the edge of their own lives.

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Reflections: Selected Poetry and Prose 2023


Mike Everley

Reflections contains poetry and prose written in 2023. This includes poems, prose poetry, flash fiction, short stories, creative memoirs and even stand-up routines. It is a companion piece to A Moment in Time which is a collected works 1972-2022, and Eighteen Haikus. Both of these are also available on Amazon. 'Reflections' contains lighter and darker pieces to reflect mood and the times we live in.

My Bumper Book of Stories
Alana Beth Davies

In this collection, I have brought together pieces of work -  short stories, flash fiction, psychogeography, and memoir. One story is purely autobiographical; some are inspired by real events or recollections, but are fictionalised, and some are written entirely from my imagination.

Some of these stories have been published in earlier collections of mine.

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The Rising Sun

by Carys Smith

Volume 3 of short stories. Characters old and new with new stories to tell. Elora steals a brass jug and Jockey Jones leaves home. Why is Georgina called The Fairy Godmother. Kaz ventures out into the Big Freeze of 1963. Haiku a Nigerian poet and the Outlander also feature.

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A Moment In Time: Collective Works: 1972-2022 


Mike Everley

A collection of poetry, flash fiction and short stories covering a 50 year period between 1972 and 2022. Some pieces are light and some dark, like life itself. All explore the human condition.

Dark or Bitter

byTG Hyde


In this collection of short stories, Glenn Hyde has put together six unconnected and seemingly disconnected stories. Be prepared for the unexpected, the surprising and the bewildering. From dark and gloomy to humorous and quirky, one thing links them – his unwavering awareness of the human condition in its many and varied forms. No judging, no moralising. Just observing, accepting. and sometimes imagining

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The Dance


Alana Beth Davies


If you’re expecting these stories to fall into a particular genre, then I’m afraid you’ll be disappointed. Unless there’s a genre called ‘eclectic’. My tales are varied: in theme, in content, and in length. My hope is that if you don’t like one, you may enjoy another

Kinky Playwright

by TG Hyde

An ordinary man struggling to become a writer begins to experience migraines. But these migraines are of a rare and unusual kind. Severe and uncompromising in nature, they reveal to him off-beat, yet compelling tales during states ofaltered consciousness. The stories and scenarios are far too fantastic and infectious for his own imagination to conjure up alone. Initially thought as a metaphysical gift, or a helping hand', the migraines take the man on a journey towards success and acclaim. Only this journey is not as straight forward as it seemed, and our unnamed narrator quickly encounters peculiar situations and unexpected consequences that threaten to turn his whole life upside down.

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Station to the Sea


Alana Beth Davies


This is a mix of humour and drama. Some of these stories are amended extracts from one or other of my novels, which I feel stand up well in their own right as short stories.
Many of my stories are set in Wales, some in Swansea. If you know the area, you may recognise places, but I hope you find something you enjoy wherever your home is.

Below the Surface

byT G Hyde

This is Glenn Hyde's second collection of short stories. In this latest set of tales, we encounter themes of the uncanny, the unjust and the unexpected. Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, but always engaging. He continues his themes of dark and humorous, sometimes with a discernible element of morality. From a rancid politician to a farcical party, through the mind and imagination of the writer, the reader will be taken on an unsettling ride.

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