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Here are some books we have edited & published for others.

You can find them all on Amazon, in print or as ebooks.

Clicking on the cover of a book below will take you to the Amazon link . 

(Information about the books is available on the desktop site,

but not on the mobile phone site)

kinky playwright front cover.jpg

Kinky Playwright

by T G Hyde

An ordinary man struggling to become a writer begins to experience migraines. But these migraines are of a rare and unusual kind. Severe and uncompromising in nature, they reveal to him off-beat, yet compelling tales. The stories are far too fantastic for his own imagination to conjure up alone. The migraines take the man on a

journey towards success and acclaim, only this journey is not as straight forward as it seemed, leads to unexpected

consequences that threaten to turn the narrator's whole life upside down.

Cover by Smooth Doodle

Below the Surface 
by T G Hyde

Below the Surface is T G Hyde's second collection of short stories. In this latest set of tales, we encounter themes of the uncanny, the unjust and the unexpected. Sometimes funny, sometimes frightening, but always engaging. He continues his themes of dark and humorous, sometimes with a discernible element of morality. From a rancid politician to a farcical party, through the mind and imagination of the writer, the reader will be taken on an unsettling ride.

below the surface final cover.jpg

Cover by Smooth Doodle

Dark or Bitter - Cover image.jpeg

Dark or Bitter  by T G Hyde

In this collection, Glenn Hyde has put together six unconnected and seemingly disconnected stories. Be prepared for the unexpected, the surprising and the bewildering.

From dark and gloomy to humorous and quirky, one thing links them  – his unwavering awareness of the human condition in its many and varied forms. No judging, no moralising. Just observing, accepting. and sometimes imagining.

Cover by Smooth Doodle

Behind the Chicken Wire

by Lynn Roberts

It’s the dawn of a new millennium in the south Wales city, but for Detective Inspector Harry Hook, it’s business as usual. The constant battle against crime is relentless, and he seems to be on the losing side. Then everything changes. Is there a link between the sudden spate of violence, and the rumour of a new drug that threatens to overwhelm the community he tries so desperately to protect?

lynn cover.jpg

Learning Something Every Day
by D Huw Thomas

In his autobiography, Huw pays homage to people and places that have meant a great deal to him during his life. His memories are rich, and will resonate with his contemporaries, as he recalls the everyday events that we may have taken for granted, but have now passed into the history books. Local shops, TV programmes, radio and music, these are all things we can identify with, and he jolts our own memories with his. This is a true celebration of life, in prose and in poetry. Joy and sadness, laughter and loss, Huw doesn’t shy away from any of them.

The Weird and Wonderful World
of R W Prosser

A collection of stories and  rhymes, ranging from the quirky to a love poem.  Weird and Wonderful it certainly is!


Mathematics for Engineers
by Brian Davies

The primary purpose of this book is to aid those students studying engineering at level 4, with respect to the mathematics required. However the content is suitable for all students studying a range of courses or none, in that it covers a number of mathematical areas which often require revision and/or additional explanation, examples or solutions..

book cover 3.jpg
Smiler cover with titles.jpg

The Tale of Smiler the 6-legged Spider
by R W Prosser

Spiders have 8 legs as we know - but Smiler manages to have fun, be happy, and get the better of cats and crows even though he only has 6. He is friendly and loveable and his story will make all spiders a little less scary!

Full colour, large print.

The Adventures of 3 Magical Friends
Alana Beth Jenkins (aged 6)

The 3 magical friends and their pets go on an adventure to save their little sisters. More adventures follow!

Alana loves to read, and she loves to have stories read to her. She also loves mermaids, fairies and princesses, so she decided to write a book about them.

This is an adventure story that she told to her grandmother, who wrote it down for her. Alana did most of the drawings herself, although she did trace a few, and had a bit of help with some.

adventures of 3 magical friends cover.jpg
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