My Books

Here are some books that I've written.

(I sometimes write under other names.)

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The Making of Annie-May

This is a love story, a romance, a family saga, and something of a social and political history.

Anya is a young woman whose life is changed by circumstances beyond her control.

In 1980s south Wales, with all its turbulence, she finds herself taking on an unfamiliar role. She is confronted, for the first time, with attitudes she finds unacceptable, and with realities she had never considered before. She discovers ways she can make a difference, not only to her own life, but to the lives of others.

She embarks on a passionate affair that has unforeseen and sometimes heart-breaking consequences. Once again her life, and that of her children, is thrown into turmoil, but throughout it all, the steadfast love of her family supports her even through the darkest of times.

It’s an account of the making of a confident and self-assured woman from a pliable and naïve girl, a development that sometimes causes her pain, but also acute pleasure, that helps her to stand up for others, and to question her principles and her beliefs, but never the love of her family.

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Secrets to be Told

Anya is a young woman whose life is changed by circumstances beyond her control. The story is set in the 1980s and 90s, but takes us on a journey back as far as the 1930s, to be given an understanding of the background of some of the characters in Anya’s life.


Book 2 takes us forward into the new world Anya has entered, where she finds some surprising links with her home. It also takes us back as far as the 1930s, to the beginning of a secret that has remained hidden for so many years.

Short Stories & Poetry

Short Stories, Shorter Verse

Many, indeed most, of the stories in this little booklet are based on my memories, and events I have experienced. However, they are works of fiction in that I have wrapped them up as stories, with beginnings, middles and ends, which real life rarely does.


If you, reader, have a feeling of déjà vu in looking through these stories, that may be because there is an overlap between these short stories and the series of my little books of memories, ‘My Lovely Arms’, and indeed in at least one of my novels,


Or perhaps these stories may evoke memories in you that you thought had gone. I hope it’s the latter, but if it’s the former, I apologise if you feel short-changed.

Cover: AEDavies

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My Lovely Arms

In this compilation edition of my little memory books, I have brought together the first 2 volumes of My Lovely Arms, covering the period 1948 – 1969. I variously published these under my maiden name of Jones, or the amalgam of my names, Davies-Jones.


In Volume 1, I write about my life up to the age of eleven in 1959 and back as far as 1918, when my grandparents married.


In Volume 2  I venture into the 1960s, with all the pitfalls and surprises that could bring. It was not my intention to shock, embarrass or otherwise bring unwanted attention to others, so I  may have left some details out.


If anyone is looking for inspiring prose, this is not for you. I haven’t tried to raise the literary level in these little books. It’s a quick march through 21 years of my life, listing events, recalling some tiny details that won’t mean anything to others, but which have stayed with me.

Again, I have also published these stories as 2 separate volumes, and they are both included in the compilation. 

Covers: AEDavies

Children's Books

Carly, Molly and Me

The school holidays start with a disappointment, then get much better. But is Cyd going to lose her friends after all? Will a new face come between them?

This is a story about friendships, fallings-out and misunderstandings, and some of the feelings that go with them.

Cover: AEDavies

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Alana and the Kitten

This is a story about a little girl who wakes one morning to find herself going on an adventure with a new friend.

But was she dreaming? What do you think?

Full colour, large print

(NB This is not a story about me - it was for a little girl with the same name!)

Cover: AEDavies