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Adventure, Mystery & Crime Fiction

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Don't Stop for Anything by Tony Irwin

This stand-out novel tells of love, friendship and cultural tolerance against the backdrop of the Arab Spring. Allan,. divorced, with two children to support, returns to the Middle East (Aleppo, Syria) to work. Unexpectedly finding love, his new life and world are turned on their head with the onset of the Arab Spring. Keeping his new family safe is his number one priority, and he becomes involved in events that will haunt him forever 

Live for Today by Tony Irwin

This novel shares the story of Ali, a devout Muslim, and Margaret, an atheist, who navigate love’s complexities as their paths cross at Oxford University. This challenges Ali’s understanding of faith as their friendship gradually evolves into a passionate romance. They make a pact to ‘live for today’. 

Their detective work in solving the mystery of Margaret’s father takes them to Barafundle Bay, Pembrokeshire. A breakthrough there leads them to Damascus, Syria and onto Aleppo. Their idyllic life in Aleppo is shattered by the onset of the Syrian Civil War, when ‘Live for today’ takes on a completely different meaning. 

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Danger, with Lashings of Caviar

by Liz Hinds

Rescuing a victim of trafficking. On the run from a criminal millionaire. She was only supposed to be making sandwiches but now Tabby finds herself in a real life adventure, with only her mum, a disgraced policeman, a farting dog, and two homeless friends to help.

The Only Game in Town by Peter Black

The men who run Oldport are corrupt, arrogant and unchallenged. What must happen to loosen their grip on the town? Harry O’Leary has been leader of Oldport Council for nearly twenty years. Together with local nightclub owner and developer John Baker he has the whole town in his pocket, and both have profited handsomely from it. Frank McColgan is a local institution. He is the landlord of the Prince Albert, a pub in the town’s harbour area, a meeting place for local movers and shakers and the favoured drinking hole for journalists at the Oldport Observer and their eccentric editor, Jerome Wilson. When Billy Jones arrives looking for his journalist brother, he finds a berth at the Prince Albert, and together with barmaid Jeanie Carter becomes entangled in some of the town’s less-than-scrupulous affairs. What they discover will shake up Oldport. Will things ever be the same again?

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Behind the Chicken Wire


Lynn Roberts


It’s the dawn of a new millennium in the south Wales city, but for Detective Inspector Harry Hook, it’s business as usual. The constant battle against crime is relentless, and he seems to be on the losing side. Then everything changes. Is there a link between the sudden spate of violence, and the rumour of a new drug that threatens to overwhelm the community he tries so desperately to protect?

In My Father's Name


Peter Black

Harrison Balham has spent decades building up his property empire, so when he plunges to his death, leaving his brother, Charles in charge of the company. Hs son, Hywel suspects it might not have been suicide.
With his mother and his uncle living together as a couple, Hywel feels isolated and disillusioned, until he is told about incriminating documents that could bring Charles down and which appear to back up his theory that Harrison didn’t take his own life. As Charles fights desperately for survival, Hywel is in a race to find the documents and discover the truth before he suffers the same fate as his father. What he unearths will change his life forever

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The Assassination of Morgan Sheckler


Peter Black

Morgan Sheckler has been elected on a promise. But the forces opposed to him are uncompromising. Can he prevail or will he pay the ultimate price?
When Morgan Sheckler becomes Mayor of the Cardiff Capital Region in Wales he finds himself at odds with his own staff, not just because of his policies but also because of his brash, bullying manner. Sheckler immediately sets his sights on dismantling plans for a new power plant in the region -- a move that puts him on collision course with some unsavoury American backers who will do anything necessary to have it built ,,,

The Morgan Sheckler Legacy


Peter Black

The Mayor of the greater Cardiff region, Morgan Sheckler is dead, shot down in front of City Hall just months into his first term, but his ghost hangs over the city and all those who wish to succeed him, or who worked with him. The battle to preserve or destroy his legacy is underway, and the stakes are huge. As those who knew him struggle with the consequences of his assassination and try to pick up the shreds of their lives, unscrupulous forces are at work, and they don’t care who they trample over to get their own way.

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