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Face Masks
from £6.50 each or 5 for £25


If you're looking for a face mask that's a bit different, you've come to the right place. Have a browse, and get in touch if you have a query.

My face masks are hand made of cotton/polycotton. They are lined and washable, and have an additional filter layer as standard. You can choose your fabric or design - they can be plain, pretty or fun - your choice. 

I will now be sending these with Free Delivery

email: davies.alana@gmail.com

mobile: 07985 650746

They are shaped, and have 2 elastic loops to go around the ears.

I make them to order, and post them to your home (within the UK). They are all made in South Wales, UK,  and are priced from just £6.50 with free delivery, with a special offer of a pack of 5 for £25.

You can see all the prices in the drop-down menus on the SHOP page.

I aim to send out your face masks in 3 to 5 business days, and I will contact you if I have any query about your order.

Choose your Design 

To browse my designs, please see my 'Designs' page (click the button above). I hope you find something to suit your personality, your interests - or your pets! To see the range of fabrics, you can look at my 'Fabrics' page.

If you have a question or a query about any of these, , please get in touch with me directly - my contact details are below.

Order & Pay

You can go to my online shop (click the button above) and order & pay that way.  


you can contact me directly and we can arrange the easiest way for you to pay.

You can email me at davies.alana@gmail.com

or phone me on 07985 650746




The patterns I offer are:

  • Solid Colour (plain)

  • Patterned

  • Novelty

  • Liberty Fabrics

  • Special Motif designs

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Solid Colour (plain)

The colours I have in stock are:

Black  *  Red  *  Emerald green  *  Navy  *  White  * Denim

You can also choose a split colour

eg Red/Black, Green/Red, Black/Purple

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My designs include:

Floral ones

  • Vintage roses -  reds

  • Vintage roses - lilac

  • Small vintage roses

  • Sprigs on blue

  • Sprigs on pink

  • Rosebuds on pink

  • Daisies on pink

  • Daisies on green

  • Daisies on lilac

  • Daisies on duck-egg

  • Daisies on black

  • Cherries

Animal ones:

  • White cats on blue

  • Dogs on blue

  • Dogs on beige

  • Pugs on blue

  • Scottie dogs

  • Christmas dachshunds

  • Flamingos

  • Unicorns

  • Bees on green

  • Bees on pink

  • Bees on blue

  • Jaguar footprints

Shapes & patterns

  • Large navy spots on white

  • Large red spots on black

  • Small white spots on black

  • Pink spots on black

  • Blue spots on black

  • Navy stripes

  • Black stripes

  • Stars on blue

  • Burberry-style

  • Gingham

And some novelty fabrics

  • London landmarks

  • Boats

  • Large skulls

  • Disco

  • Footballs

Special Motif Designs

I offer a Welsh Dragon or Rose Motif on a plain fabric, and occasional one-off motifs.

The availability of these motifs is limited, so please contact me before ordering and/or paying.


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Covid-19 and Face Masks - Advice & Information

PLEASE NOTE - These face masks are not surgical or medical masks, and have not been approved by any official organisation. I make no medical or health claims. They are NOT suitable for those who are:

* sick and showing symptoms

* caring for people suspected to have coronavirus

However they could be useful for preventing the passing-on of droplets by the wearer, and might help control the spread of infection.

Please bear in mind that wearing a cloth face mask isn’t a substitute for social distancing and other preventative measures. You’ll still need to try to stay the required distance away from others, wash your hands often, and clean high-touch surfaces frequently. 

Also, avoid touching your mask while you’re wearing it. If you must touch or adjust your mask while you have it on, be sure to wash your hands immediately afterward.