About My Face Masks


My face masks are made of cotton or polycotton and consist of a double layer of fabric with an extra filter layer added. .They are shaped, and have 2 elastic loops to go around the ears.

You now also have the option of 4, 5 or 6-layer face masks.







The patterns I offer are:

  • Solid Colour (plain)

  • Patterned

  • Novelty

  • Liberty Fabrics

  • Special Motif designs

Solid Colour (plain) £4.99 each

The colours I have in stock are:

Black  *  Red  *  Emerald green  *  Navy  *  White  * Denim

You can also choose a split colour

eg Red/Black, Green/Red, Black/Purple

Patterned from £4.99 each

My designs include floral ones:

  • Vintage roses -  reds

  • Vintage roses - lilac

  • Small vintage roses

  • Sprigs on blue

  • Sprigs on pink

  • Rosebuds on pink

  • Daisies on pink

  • Daisies on green

  • Daisies on lilac

  • Daisies on duck-egg

  • Daisies on black

  • Cherries

Some animal ones:

  • White cats on blue

  • Dogs on blue

  • Dogs on beige

  • Pugs on blue

  • Scottie dogs

  • Christmas dachshunds

  • Flamingos

  • Unicorns

  • Bees on green

  • Bees on pink

  • Bees on blue

  • Jaguar footprints

Shapes & patterns:

  • Large navy spots on white

  • Large red spots on black

  • Small white spots on black

  • Pink spots on black

  • Blue spots on black

  • Navy stripes

  • Black stripes

  • Stars on blue

  • Burberry-style

  • Gingham

And some novelty fabrics:

  • London landmarks

  • Boats

  • Large skulls

  • Disco

  • Football


Some of my most popular designs are in very short supply. These include:

  • Poppies on Black

  • Poppies on Cream

  • Hemp on Black

  • Hemp on Ivory

If you would like one of these designs, please get in touch to check availability.

Liberty Fabrics £12.99 each

These are masks made from genuine Liberty print or cotton cotton lawn. Availability is variable, but I will be adding to the range regularly.

Special Motif Designs £9.99 each

I offer a Welsh Dragon or Rose Motif on a plain fabric, and occasional one-off motifs.

The availability of these motifs is limited, so please contact me before ordering and/or paying.


 Contact me:

email: davies.alana@gmail.com         mobile: 07985 650746 

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