About My Face Masks

My face masks are made of cotton or polycotton* and consist of a double layer of fabric with an extra filter layer added. .They are shaped, and have 2 elastic loops to go around the ears,












I can also make them with longer, adjustable 'slider' fastenings which pass around the back of the head. These can be particularly useful for those wearing a hearing aid. If you want a slider in your shorter elastic ear-loops, I can do this too.

And I can make face masks for children.





I enclose a self-adhesive adjustable nose-clip with each face mask ordered. 






The patterns I offer are:

  • Solid Colour (plain)

  • Patterned

  • Novelty

  • Liberty Fabrics

  • Special Motif designs

Solid Colour (plain) £5.99 each

The colours I have in stock are:

Black  *  Red  *  Emerald green  *  Navy  *  White  *  Purple  * Denim

You can also choose a split colour

eg Red/Black, Green/Red, Black/Purple

Patterned £5.99 each

My designs include floral ones:

  • Vintage roses -  reds

  • Vintage roses - lilac

  • Small vintage roses

  • Sprigs on blue

  • Sprigs on pink

  • Rosebuds on pink

  • Daisies on pink

  • Daisies on green

  • Daisies on lilac

  • Daisies on duck-egg

  • Daisies on black

  • Cherries

Some animal ones:

  • White cats on blue

  • Dogs on blue

  • Dogs on beige

  • Pugs on blue

  • Scottie dogs

  • Christmas dachshunds

  • Flamingos

  • Unicorns

  • Bees on green

  • Bees on pink

  • Bees on blue

  • Jaguar footprints

Shapes & patterns:

  • Large navy spots on white

  • Large red spots on black

  • Small white spots on black

  • Pink spots on black

  • Blue spots on black

  • Navy stripes

  • Black stripes

  • Stars on blue

  • Burberry-style

  • Gingham

And some novelty fabrics:

  • London landmarks

  • Boats

  • Large skulls

  • Disco

  • Football


Some of my most popular designs are sadly no longer available. These include:

  • Poppies on Black

  • Poppies on Cream

  • Hemp on Black

  • Hemp on Ivory

I hope to be able to source these fabrics soon.

Liberty Fabrics £9.99 each

These are masks made from more genuine Liberty print cotton lawn. I will be adding to the range regularly. At present, my designs are:

  • Red berries

  • Blue & red berries

Special Motif Designs £9.99 each

I offer a Welsh Dragon or Rose Motif on a plain fabric, and occasional one-off motifs.

The availability of these motifs is limited, so please contact me before ordering and/or paying.


Optional Additional Extras

Don't mess with Nessa!

If you want to make it quite clear that social distancing still applies, even when you're wearing a face mask, you may want this little label sewn to the front. 

If they can read it, they're too close!

 Back Off' label  99p     


Adjustable 'Slider' Fastenings

You can now order a face mask in a range of colours and patterns with long adjustable fastenings. If you want adjustable sliders on the usual ear loops, you can add this option to your order.

Short looped adjustable fastenings  99p

 Contact me:

email: davies.alana@gmail.com         mobile: 07985 650746 

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