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DIY Publishing

Would you like to learn how to self-publish a book of your own?

If you live within reach of Swansea, I can show you how. This is not something I would do remotely - it would be the 'sit-by-Nellie' method, at your home or mine. 

Don't have your manuscript ready yet? Don't worry - I can provide you with a sample text we can use as an exercise. But if you do have it ready, you will be able to order a proof copy of your book by the end of our session.

In a 2-hour session, I would expect you to be able to go through all of the steps to publish your novel, collection of short stories, book of poems or recipes, complete with cover - whenever you want to do it yourself, in the comfort of your own home.

I would also provide you with a manual with simple reminders, to help guide you through the process if you forget any of the steps.

My fee is £20 per hour, plus travel costs if I come to you.

Interested? If you'd like more information, please get in touch. or ring 07985 650746

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