Junior Writers

Here's an exciting opportunity for children to get involved in writing and producing their own books.

One by One

Whether it's a little A5 story book, a larger picture book, or an activity book, your child - or grandchild - can help to make a very special gift.

adventures of 3 magical friends cover.jpg

This is an adventure story that my granddaughter Alana (yes, same name!) told to me and I wrote it down for her. Alana did most of the drawings herself, although she did trace a few, and had a bit of help with some others. I added blank and lined pages too, for drawing or writing on. It's a little A5 book, because that's what she wanted.

birthday book cover with text.jpg

I also made her an activity book with  pictures from her story book for her to colour, questions to answer, and cut-out activities too. A4 (approx)

School Class Project

A lovely idea, for the whole class to get involved in producing a book. Each pupil would contribute a picture,  and a story if they wish (depending on their age). They can write a  page or a chapter, a poem or a puzzle. If there weren’t enough pages to fill a book, I would add some activities - colouring, or blank pages for writing or drawing.


For very little ones, I can write a story and incorporate their names into it, and maybe some pictures they’ve drawn. 


I won't charge the school for designing and publishing the book; the children (or their parents!) could each buy their own, from me or from Amazon.co.uk

harri cover 2.jpg

Another option is to incorporate some pictures and basic words to make an Early Reader.


Designing, writing & publishing a story book, an activity book or an Early Reader (minimum 80 pages):

£15 *

(*for schools, please see above)

Cost of copies of the books will be additional, from £4.99 upwards, depending on colour or b&w etc.

All copies will be available to buy from Amazon.co.uk