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Junior Writers

Here's an exciting opportunity for children to get involved in writing and producing their own books.

One by One

School Class Project

Whether it's a little A5 story book, a larger picture book, or an activity book, your child - or grandchild - can help to make a very special gift.

adventures of 3 magical friends cover.jpg

This is an adventure story that my granddaughter Alana (yes, same name!) told to me and I wrote it down for her. Alana did most of the drawings herself, although she did trace a few, and had a bit of help with some others. I added blank and lined pages too, for drawing or writing on. It's a little A5 book, because that's what she wanted.

A lovely idea, for the whole class to get involved in producing a book. Each pupil would contribute a picture,  and a story if they wish (depending on their age). They can write a  page or a chapter, a poem or a puzzle. If there weren’t enough pages to fill a book, I would add some activities - colouring, or blank pages for writing or drawing.


For very little ones, I can write a story and incorporate their names into it, and maybe some pictures they’ve drawn. 


I won't charge the school for designing and publishing the book; the children (or their parents!) could each buy their own, from me or from

birthday book cover with text.jpg

I also made her an activity book with  pictures from her story book for her to colour, questions to answer, and cut-out activities too. A4 (approx)

harri cover 2.jpg

Another option is to incorporate some pictures and basic words to make an Early Reader.


Designing, writing & publishing a story book, an activity book or an Early Reader (minimum 80 pages):

£15 *

(*for schools, please see above)

Cost of copies of the books will be additional, from £4.99 upwards, depending on colour or b&w etc.

All copies will be available to buy from

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