My Memory Quilts & Cushions

I can use your baby clothes, dresses, shirts or ties of someone you love, or clothes & fabrics that remind you of a special time or event.


My Gallery

(examples only)

The pictures I show here are examples only. Each quilt or cushion is unique to you - and to me! I can't give prices here, but I can give you a provisional quote once you've told me what you'd like, and perhaps shown me some pictures. I will give you a firm quote once I have received your fabrics. Alternatively, you may wish to have a quilt or cushion made from particular designs that you'd like me to source. Again, I can give you a quote once I have your information.

If you are happy with your quotation, I will ask you to pay 50% of the total price. The balance will be due when the quilt is completed, and you are happy with the pictures I send you. 

If you want me to use your own backing - a quilt cover for example - I can do that. If you'd like me to use fabric I can source myself, with some pieces of your own precious garments included, I can do that too.

My quilts are not full bedsize - I don't have the equipment to cope with anything larger than 55" x 45". They can be smaller of course.

Some words of warning!

These quilts and cushions are not cheap. Besides your own fabrics, they involve quantities of batting, backing, interfacing, threads etc. But most of all, they take time to make. A lot of time!


My quilts start at £110, so you have been warned!

My cushion covers start from £35.

I cannot promise that every seam will be straight or every square will match up. These are handmade, individual and unique items, and will have some quirks. I'm not a machine! If this isn't acceptable, please don't order one.

Should you not be happy with the finished product, I will refund half of your deposit, but all materials used, including your own that you have sent me, will then belong to me and will not be returned. I'm sure it won't come to that, but we need to be clear at the outset, as these are unique and personalised items.