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Here are some books that I've written and published. 

The covers are my designs too.

If you'd like to buy any of the books featured here, you can find them on Amazon, or you can buy them directly from me - often at a discount.

Any questions, any queries, please get in touch.

Clicking on the cover of a book below will take you to the Amazon link *. 

If you find that a particular book is not available on Amazon, it may be that a new edition is being uploaded. Please contact me if you have any such query.

(* Information about the books is available on the desktop site,

but not on the mobile phone site)


The Making of Annie-May
Alana Beth Davies

It’s the 1980s in south Wales, with all its turbulence - unemployment, hardship, and a bitter miners’ strike 


This is a love story, a family saga, a social and political commentary on life in 20th century Wales, as seen through the eyes of one woman and her family, as we follow her journey from a pliable and naïve young girl to a confident and self-assured woman.

Cover by AE Davies

front cover with text.jpg

Short Stories & Poetry

the dance cover.jpg

The Dance 
and other stories

If you’re expecting these stories to fall into a particular genre, then you’ll be disappointed. Unless there’s a genre called ‘eclectic’. They have been written over a few years; they may have improved over that time – you, reader, will be the judge of that! But the stories in this little volume are not presented in chronological order.


The tales are varied: in theme, in content, and in length. If you don’t like one, you may enjoy another!

Just a Little Drop ... 
by Alana Beth Davies

A poetry collection.
A little drop of memory, of love and loss and laughter. Recollections and reflections on a life well-lived, alongside excitement for a future to come

just a little drop 3 - cover.jpg


lovely arms  vol 1 cover 1.jpg
lovely arms cover vol 2.jpg
Lovely arms 1&2 cover.jpg

I have published these stories as 2 separate volumes of my little memory books, and they are both included in the compilation. I have variously published them under my maiden name of Jones, or the amalgam of my names, Davies-Jones.

In Volume 1, I write about my life up to the age of eleven in 1959 and back as far as 1918, when my grandparents married.

In Volume 2  I venture into the 1960s, with all the pitfalls and surprises that could bring. It was not my intention to shock, embarrass or otherwise bring unwanted attention to others, so I  may have left some details out.


If anyone is looking for inspiring prose, this is not for you. I haven’t tried to raise the literary level in these little books. It’s a quick march through 21 years of my life, listing events, recalling some tiny details that won’t mean anything to others, but which have stayed with me.


Children's Books

birthday book cover with text.jpg

A Birthday Activity Book
by A E Davies

This is an activity book with lots of pictures to colour, questions to answer, and things to do.

Most of the pictures inside are from the adventure book that Alana Jenkins wrote (see Others' Books above)

Carly, Molly and Me
Alana Davies


The school holidays start with a disappointment, then get much better. But is Cyd going to lose her friends after all? Will a new face come between them?

This is a story about friendships, fallings-out and misunderstandings, and some of the feelings that go with them.

C,M&Me cover with text.jpg
alana and the kitten cover.jpg

Alana and the Kitten
by AE Davies

This is a story about a little girl who wakes one morning to find herself going on an adventure with a new friend.

But was she dreaming? What do you think?

Full colour, large print

(NB This is not a story about me - it was for a little girl with the same name!)

Hello Harri
by Alana Davies

This is an Early Reading book with images that are familiar to Harri, and words to match them. Many words are repeated to allow recognition, and one of Harri's favourite questions is repeated too - 'What happened next?'

harri cover 2.jpg

Special Editions

ellie cover 4 with text.jpg

Words to the Wise

Some words of wisdom, and some of humour., written for an 18th birthday.

Not to be taken too seriously in every case …


A shortening of the phrase

' word to the wise is sufficient'

meaning that a wise or intelligent person can take a hint and does not need a long explanation.

A Baby Shower Book

A little book to replace an actual Baby Shower, not possible during lockdown.

'To show how much you’re loved,

To show how much we care,

We’ve put this book together

For Hannah & Gareth to share'


'What we did  …

We’ve all chipped in to this little book. Our contributions vary in length, as well as the number and quality of pictures, but we all wanted to do something to help celebrate your up-coming labour and birth, and let you know we’re thinking about you. It’s written as a series of messages to Hannah, although of course it’s for Gareth too.'

Baby Shower book cover.jpg

I have previously written under my married name of Alana Davies, my maiden name of Alana Jones, and a combination of both as Alana Davies-Jones;

I've also used the pseudonym Elizabeth Hardie-Jones.

But from now, I will be using my own name, including part of my middle name of Elizabeth. So I am now

Alana Beth Davies

although if you happen to do a search on Amazon, some of my books aren't under that name yet.

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