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Romance, Drama & Saga Fiction

The Mothers of Tobergell

by Alana Beth Davies

This is the story of Daisy and her family, following their journey through the first part of the twentieth century, with a focus on the mothers. It is a family saga involving the dramas, romances and tragedies that are part of life. The novel is set in Ireland and in Wales, and covers the period 1888 to 1960. It tells the stories of a succession of mothers in their wide and extended family, their relationships, and their changing roles in society. Many of their stories centre around national or world events, and how these impact on the mothers themselves. It does not shy away from some grim realities of life during this period, but shows the strength of these women in overcoming their struggles.

Book two will follow the families from 1960, through the Troubles in Ireland and the changes in Wales, up to the end of the century.

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This Time Next Year by Liz Hinds

When her decree absolute arrives in the post with her 50th birthday cards Alison Turner wonders if life can get any worse.When the highlights of the last year include being told off by the plumber for ‘putting feminine items of hygiene down the lavatory’, and her husband leaving her for a 28-year-old ‘bimbo’, it’s easy to understand why Alison exclaims in her diary, ‘I do not want another year like that. I must get a new plumber.’ But if the romantic aspect of Alison’s life leaves a lot to be desired (including sex, which is something both her parents and her daughter appear to be enjoying) the everyday aspect is full of incident. In a year of well-intentioned ineptitude, Alison is thrown out of a pub for the first time in her life, begins to diet eight times (at least), finds out twelve unappealing things about dogs and discovers that first impressions can sometimes be misleading.

This Year Maybe by Liz Hinds

Alison and David have been engaged for so long that even Alison’s mother has given up asking when, but it’s second time around for both of them and they’re not in any particular hurry. That said, Alison is beginning to wonder if living with her has put David off the idea of marriage so when he suggests they set a date she is delighted. But that date is six months’ away and a lot can happen in six months – especially if you’re Alison!‘My son’s been arrested, Great-aunt Millie's fallen in love, my best friend suspects her husband of having an affair, and I still need to lose weight. How on earth can I think about getting married?’

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The Dog-Walking Club by Liz Hinds

Every dog walk brings new drama into the lives of these dogs and their people. A supermarket shelf-stacker, a stay-at-home dad, an elderly widow and a freelance photographer sound an unlikely bunch of friends but they have one thing in common: they all walk their dogs in Beauville Park at roughly the same time each morning. And that’s enough for Angela, bored organiser without a cause, to get them together to form the Dog-walking Club.

The End of the Yellow House

by Alan Bilton

Central Russia, 1919, a sanatorium cut off by the chaos of the Russian civil war. The murder of the chief doctor sets in motion a nightmarish series of events involving mysterious experiments, the secret police, the Tsar's double, an enigmatic 'visitor', giant corpses, possessed cats, sorcery, and the overwhelming madness of war, in this fantastical and wildly exuberant novel.

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The Making of Annie-May

byAlana Beth Davies

It’s the 1980s in south Wales, with all its turbulence - unemployment, hardship, and a bitter miners’ strike 


This is a love story, a family saga, a social and political commentary on life in 20th century Wales, as seen through the eyes of one woman and her family, as we follow her journey from a pliable and naïve young girl to a confident and self-assured woman.

White Rabbits by Dawn Llewellyn Price

Grace isn't at all superstitious. But she'll touch her handbag charm before making today's unusual call. A return to work after an August bank holiday isn't easy for a troubled Sales rep in a small city on the outskirts of the beautiful Gower Peninsula. Roads are still busy with traffic. Autumn's on its way. At least the 'Girls' Night Out' hangover has evaporated and her suntan is glowing. Parking under a shady tree, coffee in one hand, she scrolls social media, daydreaming of the exotic locations beneath her fingertips. It's almost time to check in with Angela at the office. But there's another number she needs to dial first, without colleagues overhearing ...

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A Little Less than Love

ny Carys Smith

The contents of a box hidden away in the loft for twenty years is all that remains of two brief love affairs that once turned Lecce's life upside down. Should she awaken her 'unremembering mind'? Or just set fire to what had been a turbulent time in her life?

Why Margaret Left the Building

by Carys Smith

Maggs fled her home on her 18th birthday. She believed she was running towards a bright New World. She was convinced that true happiness and life everlasting was possible. She just needed to stay safe and secure inside the confines of her new building. However, there is always a snake in Eden.

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When Margaret Left the Building

by Carys Smith

The clock ticks to twelve. Margaret, like Elvis, abruptly leaves the building. She quickly sheds the harsh restraints of a dogmatic religion.
Yet Eamon hesitates. He becomes resentful and jealous.
Can they save their marriage or will outside forces drive them apart?

Goodbye my Lover, Goodbye my Friend

by Carys Smith

One ordinary afternoon in 2012 Dian Wilson gets helplessly lost on the same journey she has made for years. As she sits in her car waiting for "the fog to lift" her mobile phone rings. She takes it from her pocket but can barely remember how it works. When her diagnosis is confirmed, estranged husband William wonders whether he has finally "got his wife back." But can Alzheimer's disease miraculously change a "cold and distant marriage" into a "warm and loving one?" Dian's secret life was peopled with lovers and friends who desperately need to stay part of her changing world. However, are they willing to make themselves known? Is it possible for William and Dian's lover Lyse, to overcome years of mutual suspicion and resentment for her sake? Do friends, old and new, hold the key that means everyone is able to say their "long goodbye?"

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Alana Beth Davies

(available as an eBook only)

This is a chapter from my book ‘The Making of Annie May’.

It stands alone as a story in its own right, but if you want to know more about Claire, you can find it in the book.

DAVID’S STORY - A taster


Alana Beth Davies

(available as an eBook only)

This is a chapter from my book ‘The Making of Annie May’.

It stands alone as a story in its own right, but if you want to know more about David, you can find it in the book.

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The Making of Annie-May is also published in two parts: 

The Story of Annie May  - Books 1 and 2.

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