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Rhymes & Rhythms

Have you ever thought that the verses in greetings cards - birthday, anniversary, get well cards - just don't say what you want them to say?

Aren't personal enough? 

Well - I can write some for you. Here's how it works:

lou wedding.jpg

You choose a category: birthday, wedding, anniversary, get well, etc

Choose a type:

humorous, sentimental, etc

Send me as much, or as little, information about the recipient as you wish.

You can choose to have your verse emailed to you, for you to write or print out


I can print it in a Moonpig card and post it to you.

Introductory offer:

Emailed verse: £12.50

Printed verse in card: £17.50

(including postage within the UK)


(printed versions may rise in price as Moonpig and/or postage prices rise)

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wedding 2.jpg

These are the categories:

  • Birthday 

  • Wedding

  • Wedding Anniversary

  • Retirement

  • New Home

  • Get well

  • Bereavement

  • Other (please specify)

These are the types:

  • Humorous

  • Cheeky

  • Sentimental

  • Loving

  • Sad

  • Other (please specify)

This is what  you may want to tell me, as appropriate:

  • Name

  • Age

  • Occupation

  • Hobby/Interest

  • Partner/Spouse

  • Likes & Hates

  • anything else!

You may wish to specify:

  • Rhyming

  • Blank verse

  • A Sonnet

  • Lyric poem

  • A villanelle (but that will take longer!

For more information, or to place an order, please email me at

or use the 'Let's Chat' button

at the bottom of the page.

Here are some examples of Greeting Card verses I've written.
They may not be Poet Laureate material, but they are very personal.



(blank verse)


You say you don’t read scenery,
descriptions are so boring! So -
it’s dialogue or nothing,
if I’m going to pique your heed.

It seems that I must make a set
of characters in mild debate,
or cosy chat, discussion too,
in order to engage.

So there’s my wish - no writers’ gush,
No metaphors or similes.
It’s just my simple message clear 
- A happy birthday, Em



H’s Day



Birthdays come around like a


Surprising with a shock that makes no sense,
With a series of questions:

‘What, now?’
‘So soon?’

Taking down our guard with its regularity

Celebrate your birthday with a
Enjoying every moment as you look around
At your loved ones

Small ones,

Grown ones,

Old ones, all together here for your birthday do




For J (on a country scene)

(blank verse)


No ‘Happy Birthday Daughter Dear’
within this little card;
No clichéd words, no standard verse,
no hearts and flowers tat!

But take this house as every home
I made for you, for us;
And see these paths as all the ways
We’ve walked to get to now.


The river too - we’re only corks,

All bobbing on the swells,
The grass is each new spring we’ve shared,
The sky the heights you’ve reached.

The lovely picture sums you up
as beautiful, unique,
Not pigeonholed, not standard garb,
But someone special, standing strong.


For L



Here’s a poem, a little verse -

You may not think you need it,

But as I’m writing it by hand

You’ll struggle just to read it.


September comes, and with it too

New term, new bag, new shoes,

And even more importantly

A birthday – and it’s yours!


A special day in many ways,

You came and made up three;

A perfect start, for authors all,

We love a Trilogy



P’s Ode



So here you are, our girl of seventeen,

About to spark a flame to light the world.

You have the beauty and a brain so keen,

There’s nothing you can’t do, your mind unfurled.


It soon will be your time to fly the nest,

To find your way, and set out on your own.

But never fear: the ones who love you best

Are always there for you, however grown.


I wish you happiness, I wish you health,

I wish you all the stars in heav’n above.

I wish you books, I wish you fun and wealth,

And most of all I wish a life of love.


And now my little sonnet has to end,

With ‘Happy Birthday’ wishes soon to send



For T



You may not think a poem’s right for you.

You may think that’s for others, as you do;

But it can let me put my words in rhyme,

To tell you things I may not say at times.


We’ve such a lot of history, we two;

We’ve shared some laughs - I watched you as you grew;

We’ve welcomed in New Year without a doubt,

And eaten toast as midnight bells rang out.


You’ve handed out the Welsh cakes, helping me;

You’ve patted hands and offered cups of tea,

You’ve given tissues to a soul distressed,

And listening to their tale, you were the best.


And now you’ve reached the age of twenty three,

You’re much too tall to sleep on my settee!

But I still see that helpful little boy,

And wish you love and happiness and joy





Tiny little baby in a knitted cardi,

Tucked up nice and cosy in your carriage pram,

With a quilt made of broderie


Lace trim,

Rosebuds on the edges, and a canopy fringe.


Clever little sixteen with a nice blue outfit,

Pretty black gem-stones on your neck and ears;

And a radio for CB,

Call signs,


Breaking all the rules, never getting caught!


Lovely grown-up girl in a smart new outfit,

Busy every day and you never stop

With your helping, kindness,



Keeping all together in your happy home

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