Awduresau Cymru Publishing
Services & Fees

Below are the services I offer. They include editing and publishing your prepared manuscript, and ghostwriting. 

Please get in touch if you have any questions or queries.

Editing & Publishing

Proofread, Edit & Amend

I can proofread your manuscript for spelling and grammatical errors. I may also substitute the odd word or phrase, or rearrange a sentence to read better.


I will send you a suggested amended version for your approval [see below] ​You will need to check the amended version carefully, as some of your writing, especially dialogue, may be colloquial, idiomatic, slang etc that I may not be aware of, and I will rely on you to tell me this.​ You may not wish to accept the amended version, and that is entirely your choice.

Further Edit (optional)

I can suggest changes you may wish to make, including cutting down sections or chapters, or maybe re-arranging them. I can suggest alternative words and phrases, taking into account your own distinctive writing ‘voice’.  


However, I am human, and my preferences may not be yours, so my suggestions and comments are given purely in an advisory capacity. I will send you a suggested amended version for your approval which you may, or may not, choose to accept.

All of my suggestions are made in order for your book to be as successful as possible.

What Happens Next?

Whether or not you choose to include the Further Edit option, once you have agreed the final version of your work, I will format it to an appropriate layout for printing. I will then send you a printed proof copy for you to approve before the final publication. If you want to make changes at that point, I can do that, and I can do it again as many times as you need, with a charge per set of proof copies sent. 

Once you are happy with the proof copy, I will publish your book. It will then be available to buy, via Amazon or through me. All royalties will be paid via me, and I will send them every 3 months, less a 15% admin fee.

What's Included?

  • Formatting: I will arrange and format       your text to ensure the best layout on the page.

  • Creation of ISBN and barcode

  • Creation of copyright page

  • Writing of blurb and bio (based on information you provide). Ideally I will need a head-and-shoulders picture of you, to accompany your biography

  • Cover design: I can offer you a choice of designs from which you may choose a cover. Alternatively I will use a picture you send me, providing it is suitable.

  • Proof copies, sent by post

  • Publish : as paperback, ebook, hard cover, or all three.

  • Payment of royalties

  • Options re marketing (extra)

Fees & Charges

Proof-read, Edit & Amend:

£200 + £5 per 1,000 words


Proof-read with optional Further Edit and Amend:

£300 + £7.50 per 1,000 words


Proof Copies: The first proof copy is included in the fees above. Additional proof copies will be charged from £10 per set of 2 copies, depending on the size, layout and colour preferences of your book.

(2 copies are required to allow both you and I to make editorial notes)

Other Info:

The marketing of your book is not included in the fees. However, I can help with posters etc if you wish to arrange a book launch, readings or  talks, 


Please contact me for any further information at:




call 07985 650746


Ghostwriting is the process of writing a piece of copy under someone else's name. So I could write a short story or a novel in your name. The amount and format of material you'd give me will vary - for example, it could be a written outline, a list of headings, some bullet points - but we would probably also need to meet, either virtually or face-to-face. The time needed would vary, and therefore I cannot give fees here but I will give a quote once I know what you need.