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Spiritual & Paranormal

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Healing from My Heart to Yours

by Timothy Pope

If you have had difficulties in life, lost a loved one or you have had weird experiences going on that are difficult to explain; if you’re a therapist that would like to know more or perhaps you’re just curious about spiritual matters and wish to understand what is really going on, then Timothy’s heart-felt loving story of his spiritual life experiences may be just right for you, as he fills the gaps in your current knowledge with wisdom earned through his own journey of self-discovery.

A Cop for Christ by Liz Hinds

A COP FOR CHRIST tells Mike DiSanza's  dramatic story, from his tough childhood among the gangs of New York, through his twenty gritty years with the NYPD and his astonishing ministry taking the love of Jesus to people who know life only as a struggle for survival. So began a new way of life for Officer Mike DiSanza of the NYPD. Previously just like any other cop patrolling the harsh, unforgiving streets of Harlem and the Bronx, a near-death experience led to an amazing turnaround in his perception of the world around him. He discovered a new message of hope and compassion for all of God's people and a new call on his own career.

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(not currently available for pick-up)

The Psychic Fairy Queen by Jan Murphy

Join the extraordinary journey of Jan Murphy as she recounts her remarkable odyssey from fear and torment to fairies and trust, eventually becoming a beacon of hope and healing. At the tender age of ten, a devastating battle with polio left her paralysed, isolated, and seemingly hopeless. But within the confines of her hospital isolation room, she encountered ethereal spirits, setting the stage for a life-changing connection. The Psychic Fairy Queen is a mesmerising tale of bridging dimensions and helping countless people recover from life’s traumas and illnesses through the power of trust and healing. This is a book of resilience, transformation, and the boundless potential of the human spirit.

Blinded by the Light

by Ann M Thomas

Don't be complacent because you're a Christian. There are still pitfalls you can stumble into. This book looks at the truth, the trap and the solution to some common errors.

Ann M Thomas joined The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints at the age of 16 along with her family. She met and married her husband Michael, had 4 children and served in that church in many ways before she and Michael realised their error and found the truth. They were saved in 1986, but their experience has given them an insight into Christian cults and cultic thinking.

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