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What we offer

Getting a book published through an established traditional publisher can be something of a minefield. It's what most new or would-be writers want, but few, if any, of the big publishers will accept manuscript directly, and most will advise you to go through an agent. And that's often the right thing to do, although it too can take time.

We are different.

We are a small indie publisher, and we work with our authors to give a personalised service to each and every one of you.


So you've written your novel, your book of poems, or your collection of short stories, and you want to see it in print. With a glossy cover and all the blurb about you. Of course you do.


If you haven't already done so, you'll need to edit it - to within an inch of its life! Editing is time consuming and - by its very nature - repetitious. But it's vitally important if you want your work to look good. It's not always easy to see your own typos and errors, and you may need someone else to edit your book for you. There are a range of services we offer, and details are available in our 'Editing Options' page.


Getting a book published through an established traditional publisher can be something of a minefield. It's what most new or would-be writers want, but few, if any, of the big publishers will accept your manuscript directly, and most will advise you to go through an agent. And that's often the right thing to do, although it too can take time.

But what if you simply want to have your work printed for yourself? For your family? Your friends? Colleagues? Or a charity? What if you don't want to make the changes that an agent, or a publisher, may insist on? That's where we can help.


Alongside our editing services, we are a small indie publisher. However, unlike the large publishing companies, we are not in a position to pay advances to authors. But also unlike most traditional publishers, we won't commit you to writing 2, 3 or more books (although you may want to do that anyway!). We won't ask you for any money towards the publishing costs like some publishers, and we won't take 6 months to respond to you! We will not be responsible for the marketing of your book, but we can offer a limited marketing campaign.


We have edited and published several books for a variety of authors, and designed their covers . And we can do the same for you.

Editing Options

A. Proof-reading 

This option deals mainly with grammar, punctuation, spellings and typo errors. It is most useful for short stories (eg for competition entries), reports or articles. We will highlight and correct your manuscript and send you a digital copy of the amendments, and you can decide whether you wish to accept them. 

B. Copy Editing

We will go through your manuscript, line by line, to identify and correct errors, such as spelling mistakes, punctuation errors and typos. We will pick up on missed commas, unwanted hyphens, needless repetitions, and  clumsy phrasings.

We will ensure consistency throughout your manuscript, check your facts, and look for clarity of your sentences. We will make sure that your manuscript is properly formatted and presented. This service is suitable for self-publishers, or writers wanting to improve their manuscript before submitting to an agent or publisher.

What we will NOT do is to challenge or amend your plot, your pacing or characterisation. Your story will remain your story!

We will amend and replace mis-spellings and incorrect punctuation marks, and re-format the work to a publishing standard. We may suggest other changes, including cutting down sections or chapters, or re-arranging them. We may suggest alternative words and phrases, all the while taking into account your own distinctive writing ‘voice’.  

But our preferences may not be yours, so our suggestions and comments are given purely in an advisory capacity. We will send you a suggested amended version for your approval which you may, or may not, choose to accept. You will need to check the amended version carefully, as some of your writing, especially dialogue, may be colloquial, idiomatic, slang etc that we may not be aware of, and we will rely on you to tell us this.​ You may not wish to accept the amended version, and that is entirely your choice.

All of our suggestions are made in order for your book to be as successful as possible.

Publishing options (see below)

Once you have agreed the final version of your work, we can format it to an appropriate layout for printing. You may wish us to publish it as an independent publisher, or you may wish to self-publish it yourself. Alternatively you may wish to submit it to an agent or traditional publisher, and we can format it to an appropriate layout for that purpose too. See our Publishing page.


As we have said above, alongside our editing services, we are also a small independent publisher, We are not in a position to pay advances to authors. So much for the bad news.

Should you wish us to publish your book, we can provide an eBook (Kindle), a paperback, or a hard cover book - or all three.

We will design a cover for you. ​We will send you a printed proof copy for you to approve before the final publication.* If you want to make changes at that point, you can do so, and you can do it again as many times as you need, with an additional charge per set of proof copies sent. *

When you are happy with the proof copy, we can publish your book. We will provide you with a set number of copies as part of our agreement, and further copies at an agreed price, which will depend on the retail and print-cost prices of your book. It will then be available to buy by the general public via Amazon. You will be able to purchase additional copies from Amazon at the retail price, gaining royalties as you do so, or from us, at a reduced 'author copy' rate.* (Details are available on the publishing agreement which will be offered to you.)

All royalties will be paid via us, and we will send them to you on a six monthly basis, less a 10% admin fee.

* Paperback only

Included in your publishing package is:

  • Proof-reading

  • Copy or Line Editing (as required)

  • Formatting

  • Creation of ISBN and barcode

  • Creation of copyright page

  • Writing of blurb and biography (based on information provided)

  • Cover design*

  • Proof copies*, sent by post

  • Publish : as paperback and/or ebook and/or hard cover

  • Provision of x number of copies

  • Payment of royalties

  • Options re marketing (extra)

Fees & Charges

The charges shown below are purely indicative.

The final fees may vary, and will take into account:

  • Illustrations to be formatted

  • Transcriptions 

  • Additional choices of covers required

  • Additional proof copies required

It is expected that manuscripts are suppled as a single word document, having been proof-read and self-edited as far as possible. If this is not the case, then additional fees may be charged.


From £50 + £2 per 1,000 words


From £150 + £2 per 1,000 words


From £50 + £1 per 1,000 words (paperback)

Additional eBook: £30

Additional hard cover book & cover: £50

Further options & information

Cover design

A standard cover design is included in the package above. This will consist of a single image on a black background, with text on the back cover along with a thumbprint image (usually of the author) and a short bio.

'Cover design plus' consists of a wrap-around design over front and back covers. An extra charge is made for this.

Additional proof copies

Should further proof copies be required because of our error/s, then there would be no additional charge.

Marketing campaign

We can provide a limited social media campaign with regular (eg weekly) posts on Facebook and Instagram, for a period of 3 months following publication. An extra charge is made for this.


We give an idea of basic costs on our 'fees & charges' page, but those fees will vary, as each manuscript is unique. It's important than we have a dialogue about your work, and what you're looking for, and then we will give you a quote. You will be under no obligation to take it any further forward. 


When our submission window is next open, please send a one page synopsis  and the first 3 chapters OR the first 50  pages (A4 double spaced) OR the first 20,000 words, including any prologue, as a word document, to

We will contact you within 1 week.

What some authors have said ...


I have been fortunate enough to have worked with Alana over the past couple of years. She helped to compile and arrange my first collection of short stories, which had been lying dormant for a while on my memory stick. Then she went on to edit and publish the collection, along with designing the cover. That's no mean feat obviously, and I was delighted with the result.
Due to her encouragement, support and editing skills, I have since gone on to have a novella completed and published, and I am about to release another collection of short stories.
It is down to Alana's meticulous and passionate approach to her work and through helping others that I have achieved any of this. I hope to continue to gain from her inspirational style in the future!



Alana did a wonderful job of proofreading and editing my book A Moment in Time: Collective Works publication. She was extremely diligent and missed nothing. I also learnt a lot from the process - particularly that it is never a good idea to edit your own work as you see what you think is there rather than what is. I would highly recommend Alana to anyone wishing to have their work edited as they provide a highly professional service. 



 When I wrote my first book in 2021, my introduction to Alana could not have been more fortuitous She is a very professional lady with bags of talent in her own right. She is also a lady who cares about her clients, which ensures a polished product at the time of publication. Her advice and common sense approach have helped me in my new venture as an author and I hope will continue in the future.

call or text: 07985 650746 

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