For as long as I can remember, I've written stories and poems. And every new year, I made a resolution that 'this year, I'm going to write a book!' I was spurred on by friends telling me, on hearing about some bizarre events in my life, 'You should write a book'.


Well it took a long time - but eventually I started to write my life story. And then the beginnings of a novel. And that's when the doubts crept in. Mainly - am I any good at this? Thanks to some family encouragement (you know who you are!) I enrolled on a year-long Creative Writing course with the Open University. There were two things I hoped to get out of the course:

  1. There were probably a few things I could learn (!!!)

  2. Was I any good at writing?

It was a lot of work - I hadn't really expected that. And it turned out that there were many, many things I could learn!

It also turned out that I wasn't bad at writing. I achieved good grades, and I had excellent feedback from tutors who were impartial and wanted me to succeed, but whose reputations were at stake, so they weren't likely to throw accolades around for no reason.

The course gave me the confidence to write - really write. And to accept that not everyone would like my books, just as I may not like every book I read. There are so many styles, so many genres, but I had to find my 'voice'. And I think i did - though i'm still trying to perfect it!

Here are some that I've written, as well as a few I published for others:


If you are interested in buying any of these books, you can order them via Amazon.co.uk, or contact me at: davies.alana@gmail.com


The Making of Annie-May

by Alana Davies

4th edition annie-may cover final.jpg

Cover: AEDavies

Anya is a young woman whose life is changed by circumstances beyond her control. The story is set in the 1980s and 90s, but takes us on a journey back as far as the 1930s, to be given an understanding of the background of some of the characters in Anya’s life. It's written in 2 parts.


Part 1 takes place in 1980s south Wales, with all its turbulence. Anya finds herself taking on an unfamiliar role; she is shown ways she can make a difference, not only to her own life, but to the lives of others.

Part 2 takes us forward into the new world Anya has entered, where she finds some surprising links with her home. It also takes us back as far as the 1930s, to the beginning of a secret that has remained hidden for so many years.

This is an account of the making of a confident and self-assured woman from a pliable and naïve girl, a development that helps her to stand up for others, and to question her principles and her beliefs.

Behind the Chicken Wire

by Lynn Roberts

It’s the dawn of a new millennium in the south Wales city, but for Detective Inspector Harry Hook, it’s business as usual. The constant battle against crime is relentless, and he seems to be on the losing side. Then everything changes. Is there a link between the sudden spate of violence, and the rumour of a new drug that threatens to overwhelm the community he tries so desperately to protect?


The setting is of its time: the music, the cars, the fashions, and sometimes the language. All these change, but the fight between good and evil does not.

Edited by Alana Davies

Cover: AEDavies

lynn cover 1 with text typewriter.jpg

Short Stories & Poetry

Short Stories, Shorter Verse

by Alana Davies

SSSV cover 5.jpg

Cover: AEDavies

Many, indeed most, of the stories in this little booklet are based on my memories, and events I have experienced. However, they are works of fiction in that I have wrapped them up as stories, with beginnings, middles and ends, which real life rarely does.


If you, reader, have a feeling of déjà vu in looking through these stories, that may be because there is an overlap between these short stories and the series of my little books of memories, ‘My Lovely Arms’, and indeed in at least one of my novels,


Or perhaps these stories may evoke memories in you that you thought had gone. I hope it’s the latter, but if it’s the former, I apologise if you feel short-changed.


My Lovely Arms

by Alana Davies-Jones

lovely arms vols 1&2 cover 1 WITH text.j

Cover: AEDavies

In this compilation edition of my little memory books, I have brought together the first 2 volumes of My Lovely Arms, covering the period 1948 – 1969. I variously published these under my maiden name, or the pseudonym Davies-Jones.


In Volume 1, I write about my life up to the age of eleven in 1959 and back as far as 1918, when my grandparents married.


In Volume 2  I venture into the 1960s, with all the pitfalls and surprises that could bring. It was not my intention to shock, embarrass or otherwise bring unwanted attention to others, so I  may have left some details out.


If anyone is looking for inspiring prose, this is not for you. I haven’t tried to raise the literary level in these little books. It’s a quick march through 21 years of my life, listing events, recalling some tiny details that won’t mean anything to others, but which have stayed with me.

Children's Books

C,M&Me cover with text.jpg

Carly, Molly and Me

by Alana Davies

The school holidays start with a disappointment, then get much better. But is Cyd going to lose her friends after all? Will a new face come between them?

 This is a story about friendships, fallings-out and misunderstandings, and some of the feelings that go with them.

Cover: AEDavies

Alana and the Kitten

by A E Davies

alana and the kitten cover.jpg

This is a story about a little girl who wakes one morning to find herself going on an adventure with a new friend.

But was she dreaming? What do you think?

Full colour, large print

(NB Not a story about me - it was for a little girl with the same name!)

Cover: AEDavies

smiler cover with title.jpg

Edited by Alana Davies

Cover: AEDavies

The Tale of Smiler

by RW Prosser

Spiders have 8 legs as we know - but Smiler manages to have fun, be happy, and get the better of cats and crows even though he only has 6. He is friendly and loveable and his story will make all spiders a little less scary!

Full colour, large print.

Non-Fiction Books

book cover 3.jpg

Mathematics for Engineers

by Brian Davies

The primary purpose of this book is to aid those students studying engineering at level 4, with respect to the mathematics required. It should enable students to develop an understanding of a range of mathematical operations and analysis techniques that are needed for the solution of many engineering problems. However the content is suitable for all students studying a range of courses or none, in that it covers a number of mathematical areas which often require revision and/or additional explanation, examples or solutions.

Edited by Alana Davies

Cover: AEDavies

Brian was my husband and he died in October 2018. I published his book shortly afterwards, in his memory.

He had been a Senior Lecturer in Mechanical Engineering at Port Talbot College of Further Education, later to become Afan College, in South Wales. He was also a Chief Examiner at the City & Guilds Institute, where he was  made an honorary member.

 Following his retirement from Afan College, he tutored many hundreds of young people, both in and around his adopted home in Porthcawl, in his original home town of Skewen, and all points between. He not only taught them, he inspired them.

 One of his favourite sayings was ‘I’ve been their age, they haven’t been mine.'